Mar 17 2006

How to drive me crazy…

I think of you took a straw poll, most people who know me would probably agree that I’m a pretty easy-going person. I’m not especially demanding of anyone (other than myself), I’m often impressively patient, and I do not anger easily. But I REALLY need one of two things to happen and I need it NOW.

I need the temperature to warm up enough so I can safely ride my bike to the Central Station, OR I need the bus from Ön to make the run it’s scheduled to make at 7:15 on weekday mornings.

That’s all I need.

And surely it’s not too much to ask?  Hell, I’m not even requesting BOTH (because that would be too demanding), just one or the other.

Today, for the second time this week, the 7:15 bus that I MUST take in order to catch the 7:34 train to Landksrona FAILED TO SHOW UP.  You read that right…it wasn’t just late, it was MIA altogether. And on this particular route, the next bus doesn’t come until 7:35, so in addition to missing my train and being nearly 45 minutes late for work (for the 2nd time this week), I got to stand out in the cold with a half-dozen other pissed off people for 20 minutes of freezing fun. (And we all thought we had bonded when it happened on Monday…HA!)

Now if it were just 3 or 4 degrees warmer in the mornings, this would not be an issue because I would be very happily riding my bike to the station…in control of my own transport destiny (somewhat) and getting some exercise, besides.

But nooooooooooooooooo!  It is still, on the 17th of March, several degrees below freezing when I head out the door in the morning, and that’s just too cold for a nearly 20-minute bike commute in a windy city by the sea like Malmö.

Fortunately I only have one more week** of having to take the bus at all, because starting on March 25th I’ll be living in The Penthouse – Nordic AKA “the Home of Malmö’s Ugliest Kitchen”…and I can WALK to the central station from there.

**unless it warms up (like that’s going to happen!)

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