Mar 19 2006

How much crap can YOU fit into a Toyota Starlet?

However much it is, I’m willing to bet that Dr. Darling and I could give you a run for your money.  We made a total of seven trips to The Penthouse – Nordic over the weekend, plus purchased two dressers at IKEA and hauled those over, too.

And considering how small my mother-in-law’s Toyota Starlet actually is, it’s kind of amazing how much stuff we’ve actually managed to transport.  In addition to hauling and toting, we also got to do a bit of unpacking and organizing on Saturday night with the help of our friends Jini and Nicole.

Jini is going to be in Rome for next weekend’s BIG move, so we punished her by putting her in charge of assembling the dressers. Nicole is going to be around for next weekend’s festivities so she got the relatively easy job of unpacking and organizing our CD’s.  We then ordered pizza and watched the Melody Festivalen finals.  It was our first social event at the new place and it was really nice, even though we had to sit on beach chairs and eat our pizza off packing boxes.

Dr. Darling
and I then camped out for the night to see if the sound of the elevator would be a factor in our choice of bedrooms.  We have two to pick from…one slightly larger and much closer to the bathroom than the other.  The previous tenants chose to use the smaller, more remote bedroom after their baby was born because the hum of the elevator could be heard from the larger one and it kept waking the little nipper up.

Since Dr. Darling could probably sleep through a train-wreck, we knew elevator noise wouldn’t be an issue for her…and it turns out it wasn’t a problem for me either.  Still, neither one of us slept all that great (I never do the first night in an unfamiliar place…especially on an air-mattress) and it really caught up with us this afternoon. But at least now we will be able to confidently instruct our moving crew which room to assemble the bed in.

And of course, the more time we spend at the new apartment, the smaller our old one seems to be.  By mid-week I suspect it will feel downright claustrophoboc. And I have absolutely NO idea how we managed to cram so much stuff into 55 square meters of living space.  It’s a miracle of space-usage if I’ve ever seen one!

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