Mar 23 2006

Boxes, boxes everywhere…and where the hell is my toothbrush?

My apologies for being so lax in updating this week. Work is super busy at the moment and life at home is equally chaotic thanks to the upcoming move.

Dr. Darling and I have been packing and hauling stuff over to "The Penthouse – Nordic" every night this week with only a brief break for supper. And this is after she has already spent the whole day sorting, pitching and packing. If I’m sick of living among boxes and half-filled garbage bags, I figure it’s got to be twice as bad for the Swede.

We have reached the point where we literally have half of our posessions in one apartment and half of them in the other…and it seems that no matter what it is I need, it’s always in the location where I’m not!

Thank Gawd all of our "stuff" will be in one place by Saturday night, though I’m pretty certain that even then I won’t be able to find whatever it is I’m looking for very efficiently for a couple of weeks at least!

And it looks like my brother will not be the first American family member to be a guest at TP-N. He’s planning to spend a week with us in June, but one of my favorite cousins-in-law is accompanying a friend who will be visiting her daughter in Stockholm next week, and barring any unforeseen complications, she’ll be arriving in Malmö by train on Monday afternoon.

I just hope we don’t lose her among the boxes at the new place. And that she brings an extra toothbrush.

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