Mar 27 2006

We’re IN!

Sorry for the delay in reporting in…but we have no internet at The Penthouse – Nordic and probably won’t have for a week…which surprises the hell out of both of us since Dr. Darling had a very extensive conversation with the Telia customer service rep when she called to order the service moved (along with our regular telephone).  Turns out it takes a minimum of eight days from the day your telephone line is switched before the broadband will be active.  One would think the rep could have mentioned this at the time, but no … this is Sweden where you’re never given any more information other than what you’ve specifically asked about.

Ordinarily, not having internet access at home would just be inconvenient, but I’m in the midst of a project at work at the moment that I really need to keep track of by e-mail while I’m away from the office entertaining my cousin from the US (until Wednesday). So in that respect it’s a total pain-in-the-ass!!!

But that has really been the only glitch in our move into the city. On the upside, we are getting a BUNCH of pricey digital cable channels we didn’t order, so I guess it kind of evens out. (But not really.)  So I’m typing this from an internet station in Malmö‘s Central Station.  BECAUSE THAT’S JUST THE KIND OF BLOGGER I AM!!

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