Monthly Archive: April 2006

Apr 30 2006

Stephen Colbert is my hero today.

My guess is that the person who arranged for comedian Stephen Colbert to be the headliner at the Annual White House Correspondents Dinner will probably be fired on Monday. You can see Colbert’s blistering performance as a Bill O’Reilly-type right-wing media commentator here and read some commentary and reviews of it here. Colbert ought to be …

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Apr 30 2006

Don’t Mess with the Net

Apr 28 2006

Dr. Darling grows a spine!

I’m happy to report that the apartment in Limhamn passed Cruella DeVille’s White Glove Test with flying colours today. The Wicked Witch of Southern Sweden actually said “the place is so clean it doesn’t look like anyone had ever lived here.” But I’m even more happy and PROUD to report that my Little Viking stood …

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Apr 27 2006

Wake UP ‘People’!!!

Talk about REALLY old news! I had this sussed out years ago.  Still, it’s nice to know popular culture is finally catching up with ME.

Apr 26 2006

Of saints and samaritans…

I’m an officer in a local ex-pat club that meets once a month in Malmö, and while I love being part of this group, meeting days are invariably stressful for me.  I am responsible for preparing the agenda for the Board of Directors meeting that immediately precedes the regular club session, and this agenda tends to expand …

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Apr 25 2006

More fun with SPAM

I’m mystified by the instructions for properly adjusting my SPAM filters so that legitimate messages don’t end up in the junk mail folder along with the advertisements for penis enlargement, business propositions from rich exiled African nationals and porn. This means I have to do a quick perusal of ALL the headers of the messages in the …

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Apr 23 2006

Lovely weekend of “firsts”

There were no specific plans, no set schedules, but lots of sleeping, reading, web-surfing (really!) and biking.  Pretty much ideal, as far as I’m concerned. Friday night we met some friends at a local pub and most of them ended up wandering back to The Penthouse – Nordic afterward…which is exactly the sort of impromptu …

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