Apr 02 2006

10 Things I HATE about not having internet access*

1. NO e-mail!

2. I can’t blog!

3. No access to favorite ex-pat internet forum where a gathering of local members is being planned at a Malmö restaurant…the name of which I can’t remember.

4. I can’t  blog!

5. No access to online Yellow Pages…where I could look up the exact location of the restaurant I can’t remember on an interactive map.

6. I can’t blog!

7. Can’t read (and comment on) other people’s blogs

8. I can’t blog!

9. No access to the Internet Movie Database … which is absolutely critical when you’ve got “preview” privileges to a bunch of premium movie channels on your new digital cable service … which you are watching every waking moment because YOU HAVE NO INTERNET ACCESS!!!

10. Did I mention that I can’t blog?

*Technically, I can get online through my internet-enabled mobile phone, but it’s a maddeningly slow connection that costs an arm and a leg per minute.

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