Apr 11 2006

Reason #637 why I hate MS Windoze

My company FORCES me to use a PC laptop outfitted with Windows XP and while there are MANY reasons to resent this, today I’m griping about one in particular.

It makes me change my frippity-friggin-rassen-frassen password every six months!!!

AND THEN it won’t even allow me to change it to anything remotely memorable like ihatechangingmypassword or billgatesbugsme2noend.  Noooooooooooooooo…it’s got to be a completely random series of letters, numbers and characters that mean NOTHING and are impossible to recall three minutes after I’ve strung them together.

In fact, the last two times I’ve changed it I’ve had to write it on a card and put it in my Rolodex  because it takes me a good three weeks to get it burned into my brain.  How in the world is THAT more secure than just allowing me to keep the one I do have memorized in my head?

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