Apr 13 2006

I’m a Bad Blogger lately…

All apologies to my three faithful readers for being such a crappy chronicler these days. A rotten writer…a junky journalist … a scurrilous scribe … pick your favorite alliteration and go with it!

There are a couple reasons for it, not least of which is the slow-as-a-slug dial up internet connection we have to endure at The Penthouse – Nordic at the moment. (We finally got written confirmation of our third request to move our broadband connection to the new place … but Telia sent it to our old address in Limhamn, which does not inspire confidence.)

I’m also proofreading a doctoral thesis for an engineering student at Lund University on a fairly tight deadline, and that’s putting a major dent in my free time. But it’s easy money (as long as I don’t doze off from the boring subject matter) and we can use it since we’re paying rent on two apartments this month.

Speaking of our old apartment, Dr. Darling has spent the better part of the last couple days over there cleaning for what is sure to be a white glove test from Cruella. This inspection is scheduled for April 28 (the maintenance man informed of us the date) and we’re wondering if they are expecting us to turn over the keys at that point. FAT CHANCE!

It’s a Friday and we suspect they may have a new tenant who wants to move in over the long holiday weekend (May Day). We are the legal tenants until Monday, May 1, and we recently learned that because May 1 is a holiday, we don’t actually have to relinquish the keys until 12:00 on May 2 … which we won’t.

I hate the idea of messing up a total stranger’s moving plans, but if the landlords-from-hell want access to the apartment earlier than May 2, they can refund us some of the rent they’re charging us for April, the rat bastards.

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