Apr 18 2006

Bedding Wars

We celebrated Easter by buying some new bedding. I’ve been lobbying for a pair of individual duvets for years because the queen-sized medium-weight synthetic-fiber one we picked out when we bought our bed is just too warm for me three seasons out of four.

Having 1) never shared a bed with someone on a permanent basis before, and (b never slept under a duvet for more than a couple of nights at a time, I had no idea of the benefits of two singles compared to a single queen-sized.

But the budget was tight at the time and “our love was new” back in those days, so sharing a large synthetic duvet seemed the like the most sensible (and romantic) way to go. And if we could only afford to buy one, a medium-weight was the obvious choice over a light summer version or a heavy winter one.

But the finances have been much improved for the past 18 months (and the romance, sadly, is LONG gone) so the “duvet discussion” has been back on the table for awhile. Dr. Darling had been resistant to the idea so far because she’s perfectly comfortable using the one we have year-round, and quite frankly until we moved into The Penthouse – Nordic, we had no place to store the queen-sized duvet when it wasn’t being used. And besides that … new duvets, particularly down ones, do not come cheap.

But Hemtex was having a 50% off sale over the holiday weekend and even my spendthrift Sweetie recognized what a good deal that was, so now we each have our own single down duvets …another medium-weight for the cold-blooded Swede and an “extra cool” for me. And based on my level of comfort last night…this was a very worthwhile investment.

Of course this purchase necessitated buying new duvet covers as well, and let’s just say I had no idea that either one of us had such strong feelings about something as mundane and domestic as bedding.

While we agreed to mix and match our individual covers rather than buying two identical sets (each comes with a pillow case), I wanted to go with different patterns in a complementary colour scheme while Dr. Darling insisted on the same pattern but in different colours. The stand off in the store went something like this:

Shazz: My way is much more visually interesting, and we’ll have a lot more options when it’s time to add additional duvet covers into our bedding rotation the future.

Dr. D: Your way is much more visually disturbing. It will seriously bother me if the patterns don’t match.

Shazz: How? You’ll be sleeping. Your eyes will be closed the vast majority of time you’re in the same room with them.

Dr. D:  So will yours.

I hate it when she uses my own arguments against me.

In the end, I gave in because having my own light-weight down duvet was much more important than the colour of the covers. It was a battle I was comfortable losing given that I’d already won the war. ;^)


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