Apr 23 2006

Lovely weekend of “firsts”

There were no specific plans, no set schedules, but lots of sleeping, reading, web-surfing (really!) and biking.  Pretty much ideal, as far as I’m concerned.

Friday night we met some friends at a local pub and most of them ended up wandering back to The Penthouse – Nordic afterward…which is exactly the sort of impromptu gathering that I envisioned our living in the the middle of the city would allow. It was great fun but turned into quite a late evening. Hopefully we didn’t disturb any of our neighbors (too much).

Saturday was sunny and gorgeous so we were finally able to enjoy our first fika on the balcony.  Because it’s cut into the slope of the roof of our building, it’s quite private and even sheltered somewhat from the wind. In fact, if you’re sitting down no one in apartments across the street even knows you’re there, which is why we stripped our shirts off midway through our coffees.  It was kind of liberating and the sun felt wonderful.  I suspect the "topless fika" is going to become a regular event here at TP-N!

The weather wasn’t nearly as nice today, but we managed to get out for a late-afternoon bike-ride anyway. Tonight we took our first crack at making risotto using Jamie Oliver’s basic risotto recipe, which I believe is kind of tough to screw up. Still, we were quite pleased with the results and even Dr. Darling is looking forward to those left-overs!

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