Apr 25 2006

More fun with SPAM

I’m mystified by the instructions for properly adjusting my SPAM filters so that legitimate messages don’t end up in the junk mail folder along with the advertisements for penis enlargement, business propositions from rich exiled African nationals and porn.

This means I have to do a quick perusal of ALL the headers of the messages in the junk mail folder so as not to throw away anything important. (And I’m beginning to suspect that the SPAMMERS are in bed with the junk mail filter people because of this.)

At any rate, this is a regular chore that’s generally not a lot of fun, but once awhile I get a message…or even just a subject line…that makes me laugh outloud.  Here are the latest worth mentioning:

A surprising variation on the rich exiled African national scam in which the sender was actually a name I recognized…Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi.  This message referenced his recent legal troubles and actually included a link to a legitimate article in the Australian newspaper, The Herald Sun to back up his claim. (A nice touch, I thought.) It also included the name and e-mail address of his alleged lawyer, whom I could contact for more information.

But then the scammer got stupid and signed it  "Mrs. Balicia Mafioso, Secretary". WTF?! I was willing to buy that maybe, just maybe, Silvio Berlusconi actually had an msn e-mail address, but not that he had a secretary with a last name that also happens to be a word used to describe people involved in organized crime.  What a doofus!

The other message that got me giggling was actually no more than a subject line that was supposed to entice me into visiting a porn site.  The subject line was: splendid incesst content, and yes…the middle word was misspelled.

I gotta hand it to this guy. He obviously knew that a common adjective like GREAT or FANTASTIC was not going to draw in a discerning surfer like myself. But SPLENDID…that’s a completely different story!

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