Apr 28 2006

Dr. Darling grows a spine!

I’m happy to report that the apartment in Limhamn passed Cruella DeVille’s White Glove Test with flying colours today. The Wicked Witch of Southern Sweden actually said “the place is so clean it doesn’t look like anyone had ever lived here.”

But I’m even more happy and PROUD to report that my Little Viking stood her ground when Glenn Close in “Fatal Attraction” asked her…in the presence of both the maintenance man AND the incoming tenant…for the keys. (I’m not even going to get into the inappropriateness of the incoming tenant being present for our final inspection, but WTF?!)

Normally, we would be required to hand over the keys by noon on May 1, but Monday is a holiday here so we aren’t legally obligated to relinquish them until May 2.  And my mild-mannered Swede had decided that if the landlords from hell wanted them today, they could refund us the rent we’ve paid for April 28-30. (Like that was ever going to happen.)

So needless to say, Joan Crawford in “Mommie Dearest” was NOT a happy camper when Dr. Darling denied her request for the keys this afternoon, and actually called the most straight-laced cop’s daughter you’ll ever meet a troublemaker.  If I had been there I WOULD HAVE LAUGHED OUTLOUD!

Evidently the new tenant was a little put off by this exchange (surprise, surprise), but she shouldn’t have been there in the first place and wasn’t even planning to move in until May 3rd anyway, so it’s not as though she was being inconvenienced. I suspect that not too far in the future, she’ll think back on the incident and realize it was a portend of things to come.

Pray for her.


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