May 01 2006

Words of Wisdom from the Anti-war Front

I’ve read that New York City hosted a rather impromptu demonstration against the war in Iraq over the weekend.  And by "impromptu" I mean not very well advertised. Which makes the turn-out, estimated at 300,000, pretty darn impressive.

Here is a sample of some of the signs that were marched down the streets of NYC during the event. (I’ve put my personal favorites in bold type).  An article about the protest, including interviews with some of the participants can be read here at AlterNet.com.

    "From Gulf to Gulf, George Bush, a category 5 disaster"
    "Drop Bush, Not Bombs."
    "Fermez La Bush"
    "No ProLife in Iraq."
    "1 was too many, 2400 is enough"
    "War is terrorism with a bigger budget"
    "Axis of Insanity" (with George, Condi, Don, and Dick dressed as an Elmer Fudd-style hunter)
    "One Nation under Surveillance"

    "G.O.P. George Orwell Party"
    "How Many Lives per Gallon?"
    "War Is Soooooo 20th Century"
    "Civil War Accomplished in Iraq-Nam"
    "Give Impeachment a Chance"
    "I’m Already Against the Next War"
    "Expose the lies, half-truths, cut and paste rationales for going to war"
    "Mandatory Evacuation of the Bush White House"

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