May 08 2006

Weekend Highlight List

1. Didn’t have to cook on Friday night even though my gig as "Weekend Wife" had officially started (as far as Dr. Darling was concerned, anyway).

2. WALKED IN to the hair salon across the street from The Penthouse – Nordic early Saturday afternoon and got a decent haircut for less than half the price I paid in Limhamn.

3. Got to roll around on a blanket in the sunshine with the gorgeous, happy infant daughter of some fun friends, who then plied me with gin & tonics and grilled salmon until I was unable to defend my reputation as a kick-ass Trivial Pursuit player.

4. Logged a 25-kilometer fitness ride with Dr. Darling under such clear, sunny skies that I barely noticed the head-wind we faced on the homeward half of the route.

5. Replenished all the calories I burned on the bike ride during a lovely afternoon fika with friends that included real Italian ice cream.

And I wanna do it all over again!

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