May 09 2006

Cruella Comeuppance Update

Based on the number of inquiries I’ve had both in-person and via this blog, there seems to be a lot of interest in the status of Dr. Darling’s duel with the nutjob who lives with our former landlord, AKA Cruella DeVille.

So far, the Swede has been in contact with two anti-discrimination/civil rights organizations in Malmö and both have indicated that the Wicked Witch of the West’s parting remark when Dr. Darling handed over our keys last week is very likely legally actionable. (Try saying that five times fast.)

Not only that, but Dr. D may even be entitled to seek damages, which came as something of a surprise to both of us.  We’ll know a lot more after she meets with a representative of the larger of these two groups early next week.

In the meantime, the Swede decided she needed to send a letter to the new tenant explaining very briefly why she was unwilling to turn over the keys during the inspection. She also very thoughtfully included the manufacture date for the refridgerator that this woman asked Cruella about replacing. Mrs. Cheapskate McFreeloader told her (in the presence of Dr. Darling…BIG MISTAKE) that the fridge was only 10 years old, and since they only upgraded major appliances every 20 years, it would have to do.

Well, there’s absolutely NO WAY that fridge is only 10 years old (again, had I been there I would have laughed outloud), and a quick check of the serial number on manufacturer’s website showed that it was in fact built in 1983.  How’s that for a housewarming gift?

Stay tuned.

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