May 14 2006

The Prodigal Girlfriend returns

Dr. Darling finally returned home from Falkenberg at about 7 p.m. tonight, just about the time I usually start to mourn the fact that the weekend is over and begin to shift my mindset back into "work mode."  Not exactly the best timing for a romantic reunion…if you know what I mean. Especially since she’s already crashed out on the couch.  I guess five nights on a hide-a-bed is her limit….which is about four more than I could handle.

Special thanks to all my pals who helped keep me fed, entertained and out of trouble while the Doctor was out.  Especially Maggie, whose comment "Mommie needs to understand why everything tastes like dirt," made to her dog Jake on Saturday afternoon is still cracking me up more than 24 hours later.

Evidently there was something rather "earthy" growing in her thermos, and of course both Nicci and I had to smell it for ourselves. If I hadn’t known better I would have sworn the coffee had been filtered through potting soil. We’re all still waiting for an explanation from Jake. ;^D

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