May 16 2006

Mary J. Blige ‘does’ U2…really well

I would normally claim that ANY artist who attempts to "cover" a U2 song is blasphemous or crazy or both.

But in the case of Mary J. Blige’s go at "One" (with Bono’s blessing, apparently, since it’s almost a duet), such a statement would be spectacularly off-base.  It’s an amazing arrangement that gets better every time I hear it, which is going to be A LOT now that Sweden’s commercial pop radio stations have gotten hold of it.

Here’s hoping they give it The Shania Twain Treatment, because this is one record I’d really like the opportunity to get sick and tired of…seriously.  Let’s just say that when Mary J. cries out  "Love is a temple, love is a higher law" I actually want to go to church.

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