May 20 2006

“I don’t remember this part!”

The 1990 film “Internal Affairs” has been airing almost daily on Showtime this past week, and given that I never love Richard Gere as much as when he’s playing an evil bastard, I had to watch it.

Cover of "Internal Affairs"

Cover of Internal Affairs

The movie also stars Andy Garcia and William Baldwin, and when I saw it in the theater 15 years ago it was all about the eye candy.  Andy Garcia’s got that whole smoldering Latin thing going on and William is easily the best-looking of the Baldwin brothers. Put two of the three leads in police uniforms for most of the movie and the stud factor goes completely through the roof.

But in a classic demonstration of how my perspective has broadened since then, this time … in addition to drooling over the Gorgeous Actor Troika … I was stunned by the amount of homoerotic imagery in the film.

Seriously, these guys were constantly touching each other in one way or another. Okay, so sometimes it was in the context of a fist-fight, but more often it was much less macho than that and really quite intimate.

It was even hotter than I remember.


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