May 21 2006

The Shower Head Saga

Apparently Dr. Darling and I have a new hobby … we collect shower heads.  Sound exciting? 

English: High-speed photograph of a showerhead...

English: High-speed photograph of a showerhead dispensing water. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I wish.

It all started when we did the pre-move-in walk-through of The Penthouse – Nordic with the facilities manager for the building. Among the things we needed her to do was lower the mirror/medicine cabinet combo in the bathroom. The previous tenants must have been Amazons … because it  was so high that that when I stood in front of the sink all I could see was the top of my head.

While we were discussing the optimal height for the mirror/medicine cabinet … Dr. Darling asked if it would be possible to have the shower assembly* replaced since the current one was worn and kind of crummy looking. The facilities manager said she could do that, but it would be with a very basic (as in cheap) one, so we decided to pass.

But she must have forgotten that sometime between the walk-through and the day (post-move-in) that she came over to lower the mirror/medicine cabinet, because to our surprise, she went ahead and installed this white plastic kit that looked even crappier than the worn chrome components it had replaced. Even worse than that, this shower head sucked royally. Had either one of us been there when she did it, we would have said “thanks, but no thanks.”

After two days of showering under what was essentially a fresh vegetable mister like you’d find in the produce section of a grocery store, we knew it had to go. So Saturday morning we headed off to a nearby home-improvement store and bought a new chrome shower assembly with a fancy, three-setting shower head.

Now perhaps we were expecting too much … because this fancy 3-speed shower head, while a HUGE improvement over the produce mister, was still not as good as the original worn one that the handy-woman had replaced. Which is why today, while we were at the Swedish version of Super Walmart shopping for something completely unrelated to the bathroom, we happened to come across a shower head that looked alot like “the one that got away”… and because it was on sale we decided to go ahead and buy it.

So it was with high hopes that we hit the shower after working out late this afternoon, and the verdict is … after three new shower heads in less than a week…we’re getting closer to the volume and velocity of water required, but we’re still not quite there yet.

Later Dr. Darling noted that before she met me, she would have been content with the cheap white plastic produce mister, clearly implying that I had turned her into some kind of shower snob.  Which means that my evil plan to improve the quality of her life is working!

*Showers are not routinely built-in to bathrooms here in Sweden. Instead the shower head is connected to a tube that is attached to a special valve on the taps.  A separate holder is used to attached the shower head to the wall.  These components can be purchased separately or in complete sets.

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