May 22 2006

Driving Dr. Darling to drink…

Like most blogs, ShazzerSpeak is riddled with stat counters keeping track of assorted things.  Some are really obvious, some not so much, and some are completely invisible.  But unlike most blogs, the stat counters here are solely for the comfort of the author’s Significant Other.

You see, Dr. Darling is a tad paranoid when it comes to privacy issues and is not always thrilled about the way our lives are splashed across the pages of ShazzerSpeak.  I try to respect her concerns by never using anyone’s real name or posting pictures that could be easily identifiable. I also give her the “First Right of Refusal” on all potentially sensitive (as in embarrassing) entries.

As a final concession, I agreed to install a couple of really high-tech stat counters that basically log everything about a visitor except his or her social security number (we leave that the Bush Administration), because as long as our lives are being chronicled on the web, Dr. Darling is at least going to know who’s reading about us.

Now I’ll admit that some of the stats produced are kind of interesting.  It’s cool to see where readers are located geographically and it’s often very entertaining to find out how people actually get to the site, but I could care less about IP numbers or what kind of browser folks are using.

Over the weekend I joined a blog directory service called BlogMad that’s designed to drive traffic to the site, and much to my surprise…it actually works. The number of visitors has more than tripled over the past two days…giving Dr. Darling an awful lot of numbers to process and analyze.

If you’d like to learn more about Blog Mad, just click the button in the “The Blogosphere” section of the sidebar to check it out. And if you decide to join please consider listing ShazzerSpeak as your referral.  Because then I’ll get some credits that I can spend to send more traffic here…and Dr. Darling can spend more time on her new hobby!

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