May 24 2006

He’s somewhat heavy, he’s YOUR brother.

Dr. Darling and I both have brothers on the brain lately.  We each have one…and it appears as though their paths are going to cross for the first time next month.

My younger brother (Davy) is presently shepherding a bunch of (insert large midwestern university here) engineering students around the island of Crete and will be swinging through Sweden on his way back to the States. Dr. Darling‘s older brother (Magnus) is presently planning a family vacation with his wife and son and needs someone to look after Elsa the Big Black Lab while they’re away.  So both of our brothers need us, which is a fine and good thing…except that they happen to need us at the EXACT SAME TIME.  And this is a bit of a problem.

We are very excited about my brother’s visit as it will be the first time any of my siblings have been over since I moved here (in 2002). He’ll be here June 7 – 18 and he’s got a lot of places to see and people to meet in those 10 days. And we would normally be really happy to board Elsa for Magnus … especially if the alternative is putting her in a kennel … but she’s a bit high-maintenance and having her here will put some pretty serious restrictions on our schedule for the first half of Davy’s visit.

A further potential complication is that Elsa hasn’t been to the new apartment yet, and given how freaked out she was by the single flight of stairs at our old place, we have no idea how she’s going to react to the five flights it takes to get up to The Penthouse – Nordic … presuming we won’t be able to coax her into the elevator, which is a distinct possibility. (The term Alpha Female is completely lost on this dog…she’d probably defer to Paris Hilton’s chihuahua.)

So basically, one brother or the other is going to be put out no matter what we do … and I know which one is getting my vote. ;^)

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