May 28 2006

Bits and bobs…not to be confused with Bob’s bits.

Cruella Comeuppance Update #2The city’s main anti-discrimination organisation decided that our crazy landlady’s behavior toward Dr. Darling on the day she handed over our keys was worth a looksy by the head honchos in Stockholm, and so sometime late last week our former landlord received notice from the government of Sweden that a formal complaint had been lodged. We can only hope that he shat himself upon opening the letter. He now has two weeks to send them a response explaining Cruella’s comment. THAT should be really interesting reading.

Dueling Demands of Brothers Resolved: After careful consideration of all the issues, not to mention the potential inconveniences to our respective brothers…the winner turned out to be the dog.  Dr. Darling just couldn’t stomach the idea of Elsa being kennelled for a whole week, and I couldn’t stomach the idea of living with a guilt-ridden Dr. Darling for a week, so we’ve worked out a compromise whereby Elsa will stay here with us (and my brother) for five days…provided she passes an elevator test.

Brangelina Baby Born: Ask anyone who knows me…I love, Love, LOVE Angelina Jolie and am delighted that she has delivered a healthy baby girl, but what the hell kind of middle name is Nouvel?  My first reaction was that it sounded like something you’d call a software company, and it turns out my instincts weren’t that far off.

Last but not least: ShazzerSpeak has a new banner courtesy of my very artistic and computer-savvy Swede, who made it for me despite her loathing of my blogging habit.  That’s true love people.

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