May 31 2006

The return of Zorro…

I appear to be getting a jump on what I like to call "the sleepless season."  In past Swedish springs/summers, I’ve been able to get through the first week of June before breaking out the sleep mask, but not this year.  I suspect it has something to do with the dormer windows in The Penthouse – Nordic…very cool looking but also difficult to fit with really effective blinds.

So when the sunrise woke me up at 4:33 this morning (yes, you read that right), I donned my sleep mask for the first time this spring and then prayed I would be able to fall back asleep until the alarm was set to go off an hour and 45 minutes later.  Fortunately it worked…this time. But I know from experience that it’s always a hit-and-miss proposition.  Because even though the sleep mask blocks out virtually all the light, the rest of my body knows it’s out there and thinks it should get up.

Now I know you’re thinking, "Why doesn’t she just wear the mask to bed instead of waiting to be awakened by the light before putting it on?"  Well, because it’s just not that comfortable to wear. (Of course the fact that it’s a freebie that I got from an airline during an overnight flight might have something to do with it.)

And besides that, Dr. Darling laughs whenever she sees me in it and will occasionally even play tricks on me while I’m "blindfolded"…which is the last thing I need when I’m already struggling to fall asleep.

So putting it on at 4:33 a.m. really is the better option.

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