Jun 06 2006

What’s your “mother-in-law limit”?

I recently learned that mine is about three days.

And unfortunately, this is day four of my MiL’s visit, and she’s not leaving until sometime tomorrow.  Possibly before my brother arrives … or possibly not … I have no idea.  And my brother’s impending arrival is a HUGE part of why having her here has been so stressful this time.

Normally it’s not. I really like my mother-in-law and she likes me. She lives less than two hours north of us but likes to come down and stay with us in the big city a couple of times a year … usually around her birthday and/or Christmas. In our old apartment, this was crowded but do-able. I figured hosting her in The Penthouse – Nordic would be a piece of cake since we’re no longer on top of each other and there’s even guest room for her to use.

But I guess I didn’t factor in the likelihood that more comfortable accommodations would mean she’d say longer than a couple of days. And it certainly never occurred to me that her first extended stay would happen over the final five days leading up to my brother’s first-ever visit to Sweden. Consequently, I haven’t done half the things I intended to do in preparation for his arrival, and I feel anxious and resentful because of it.

This is one of those rare moments when I kind of miss being single.

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