Jun 09 2006

Brotherly visit: Day 1&2

Although Davy didn’t have to deal with the jetlag that most of our visitors from the U.S. do, he was exhausted from shepherding 21 college students around for 2.5 weeks and had stayed up late grading projects the night before…so we planned a low-key day for Thursday.  Just a combination driving/walking tour of some of our favorite parts of the city and fika in Limhamn with our good friend British Michaela.

The weather started out really overcast and cool (we were all in jackets or sweatshirts) but the skies magically cleared  by mid-afternoon.  I say “magically” because we had flopped down on a tarp at Limhamn’s small boat harbor for an inpromptu picnic about 1 p.m. and all of us (including Elsa) then proceded to doze off for about 40 minutes.  When we woke up the sun was shining and the weather remained beautiful for the rest of the day and evening.

Today we took him up to Landskrona to see both the citidel and my office.  Once again the weather was cool and cloudy in the morning but sunny and gorgeous in the afternoon … meaning there was hardly anyone in my office for him to meet after 3 p.m., which was actually an excellent example of Swedish culture: sunny summer Friday afternoons cannot possibly be spent indoors!


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