Jun 12 2006

Brotherly Visit Day 4: Is it tapas or just food that’s been feng shui-ed?

We planned a leisurely yesterday…our only firm plans involved a bike ride around Malmö … which turned into something of a “Memory Lane Tour.”

We went by the lab at the hospital where Dr. Darling did her PhD, and then to the stadium via Pildamms Park.  From there we biked to Limhamn via the route the Swede always took home from work and showed Davy the old neighborhood…which really isn’t that old considering we were still living there just three months ago.

After a quick stop at “The Licorice Store” (it’s really a candy and ice cream shop but my first impression of it was that licorice was the ONLY thing sold there and the name stuck) we decided to continue south to Bunkeflo Strand to show Davy the ride we do for speed and fitness when we’re training for a tour.

This particular route involves some hills and I wasn’t sure how I would handle them on my commuting bike…which only has 21 gears. (My touring bike has 27.) So I was quite pleased with myself when I managed to tackle the longest and steepest of them…though more slowly than either Davy (very fit) or Dr. Darling (on her touring bike with 24 gears).


The Öresund Bridge from a bike track on Lernac...

The Öresund Bridge from a bike track on Lernacken. Svenska: Öresundbron och cykelbana från Lernacken. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Over coffee we talked about what we wanted to do about dinner. My original plan was to cook, but we ended up cycling on to the tapas restaurant on Stortorget that we like. This place boasts 70 different dishes from around the world, many of which are quite substantial for tapas. What we didn’t know was that they have a limited menu on Sunday and some of our favorites were therefore not available.

After taking in the spectacular view of the Öresund Bridge from the top of said hill, we stopped at our favorite spot at Sibbarp (our preferred beach for swimming and picnicing) for a rest and a cold drink. From there we continued on to the boardwalk/cycling path along Ribersborg all the way out to Dockan, where we had a late fika in the private harbor among all the luxury yachts and sailboats.

We decided to order two dishes each…one as a “main” course and one to share.  Based on our previous experiences at this place, this should have been plenty of food…but we were working form an unfamiliar menu this time.  When the tapas arrived, Davy’s main dish was a piece of chicken so small that we could not immediately identify which part of the bird it had came from, and the asparagus dish he ordered to share had just three stalks of the veg … though beautifully prepared and presented.

Fortunately the other dishes we’d chosen to share (fried potatoes with aeoli and a spinach and cheese souffle) were good-sized and we made sure Davy got plenty of them.  But we teased him about his tiny tapas selections for the rest of the week!

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