Jun 20 2006

Looks like I picked the wrong date for an anniversary…

It was four years ago today that I moved to the Land of Vikings, but thanks to Sweden’s World Cup schedule…instead of celebrating the closest thing we have to a real anniversary…Dr. Darling and I are sitting in front of the TV along with 97% of the rest of the country. (The other 3% are actually in Germany to attend the match live.)

Okay, perhaps that’s a slight exaggeration.  But only just.  We live in the center of Sweden’s third largest city, it’s a warm summer night and still daylight outside, but you could hear pin drop from the balcony of The Penthouse Nordic.  It’s THAT quiet.  Of course the fact that boys in blue and yellow are down 1 – 0 to England at halftime is probably a contributing factor.  Last Thursday when Fredrik Ljungberg scored the winning (and only) goal of the match against Paraguay, then entire neighborhood erupted in cheers and shouts. I think our building actually shook from the collective ecstacy.

Of course Fredrik Ljungberg tends to have that effect on people even when he’s not playing football.

Fredrik Ljungberg
Fredrik Ljungberg

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