Jun 23 2006

Flock-ing AMAZING!!!

I’m writing this entry using a new open source browser called Flock.  It’s supposed to make blogging easier with special tools that allow you to basically drop and drag pretty much anything you want from the web into a blog entry, and if it works like the developers say it will, it’s probably going to change my blogging life forever.

So this is a test post in which I’ve "dragged & dropped" a portion of a Reuters article from Yahoo News into the entry like so:

Think your office is a zoo?

Companies go pet-friendly

By Ellen Wulfhorst Thu Jun 22, 6:41 AM ET NEW YORK (Reuters) – On a typical day at Tellme Networks Inc., Jackson snores, Penny spends time learning Chinese and the bosses and workers are delighted. ADVERTISEMENT Penny, a Labrador Retriever, and Jackson, a bulldog, are part of an effort at many U.S. companies to allow pets in the workplace. One survey shows nearly one in five U.S. companies allow pets at work. Millions of Americans believe pets on the job lower absenteeism and encourage workers to get along, according to the survey by the American Pet Products Manufacturers Association.

Think your office is a zoo? Companies go pet-friendly – Yahoo! News

Flock has already formatted it and added the link to the original source.

Now I’m going to try adding a picture of Elsa the Black Lab (on a recent visit to my office) directly from my Flickr account…also dragged and dropped from the photo toolbar in the Flock browser window.

Let’s see if it works!

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