Jun 30 2006

“Hey, that’s my bike!”

Quick quiz:

The title of this post is…

A) The name of the band Ethan Hawk’s character was a member of in “Reality Bites“.

B) What I’ve been dreaming about shouting at the top of my lungs since Wednesday.

C) Both A and B

There’s a saying among Malmö residents that you haven’t really lived in the city until you’ve had a bike stolen from the Central Station.  But I think I’d have been REALLY content to live here a very long time without ever having joined that club.

Unfortunately, I became a card-carrying member when my commuting bike…which had been locked to one of the snazzy new double-decker bike racks in a well-lit, high-traffic area near one of the main entrances … disappeared on Wednesday.  And who ever took it knew exactly what they were doing, because they had to have the right tools to cut the cable that was holding it it to the rack and a vehicle to cart it off in because the front wheel was also locked to the frame, making it unridable. (Is that even a word?)

I’m just sick about it (and more than a little pissed off) even though we bought the bikes (it was one of a pair we got on sale last fall)  specifically so we would have wheels that we were comfortable leaving at the train station. And by “comfortable” I mean not worried about the wear-and-tear/abuse they would be subjected to in the bike-racks, and not devastated should they be stolen. We did pretty well with on the former but not so good on latter. After calling both the police and our insurance agent, even Dr. Darling expressed surprised at how upsetting it was to have lost that bike.

I keep looking for it at the train station even though I’m 99.9% sure that it’s already been sold in another city.  It’s also all I can do to keep from knocking over all the parked bikes I see everyday that are not locked to anything. They should be stolen, dammit!

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