Jul 03 2006

How did it get to be July already?

Why is it that whenever a new month begins on a weekend (which is actually quite often), I always feel like it sneaks up on me?  I mean, it’s not only July…it’s July 3rd already for crying outloud.

Of course the fact that the weekend was so busy helped perpetuate the problem.  An old school chum (as in jr. high and high school) of Dr. Darling’s came down from Laholm on Saturday morning and stayed over night with us.  The two of them had sort of re-connected in May when the Swede was up there for a few days helping her granddad plant his vegetable garden, and Dr. Darling invited to her come down to “the big city” sometime.

So this past Saturday was the designated day…and over the course of many text message exchanges leading up to her arrival, it became clear that  “Frieda” (who is married with two children) seemed to be under the impression that we were two swinging lesbians with the requisite circle of fabulous alternative life-style friends that we crawl the local gay clubs with every weekend. Which lead me to ask Dr. Darling in all seriousness, “Are you sure she’s not confusing you with some other old school chum?”

Given that neither one of us is much into night clubbing in general, nor have we ever been to a gay club here in Malmö (we hear there is one, we’re just not quite sure where it is), we decided to organize a “Girl’s Poker Night” to entertain her.  We also had a HUGE bottle of tequila that we hoped would keep things lively enough for her, but I’m not altogether sure we pulled it off.  (Many thanks go out to our “boring straight friends” who came over to play along.  Hopefully they had some fun at least.)

Then on Sunday we spent the afternoon up near Söderåsens State Park for the annual Independence Day BBQ that’s organized by a local ex-pat group I belong to. The weather was absolutely perfect and the food was great…but the park was about an hour away by car (which we had to borrow in order to get there) and the trip to and from made for a rather long day.

It’s not called “To-kill-ya” for nothing!

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