Jul 07 2006

“It’s like a heatwave!”

But not really.  Though I suppose this is the closest it ever gets to a heatwave in Sweden.  For the past week temperatures have been hovering in the high 70’s to low 80’s (Fahrenheit) with surprisingly little wind (VERY unusual for Malmö) so we’re feeling every single one of those degrees in the sixth -floor NON-air-conditioned Penthouse – Nordic.

It’s been warm enough that we’ve been loathe to cook anything (and thus have to turn on the stove), but on the bright side, our salad repertoire has gotten a nice little boost.  Last night it was so hot in the apartment when I got home from work that we proclaimed it “Shirtless Thursday”.

My pal Nicci called as we were sitting around in our underwear contemplating what to make for dinner. Since her Swede was working all evening and she didn’t want to cook either, she suggested we pool the ingredients in our respective refridgerators, which I said was fine with us so long as we didn’t have to put any more clothes on.  (Fortunately Nicci is pretty relaxed about those sorts of things.) 

Later her boyfriend lamented over having missed “Topless Taco Salad”…but hey, sometimes that’s the price you pay for working on hot summer nights!

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