Jul 16 2006

Pricey Weekend

Sadly, my prayers to the Small Electronic Gadget Gods went unanswered on Saturday morning.  (I suspect I had used my allotment up earlier in the week with the Old But Much-Loved Bike Gods.)

Things looked pretty promising when we began our testing. The mobile phone powered right up when I put the battery in it.  The screen, while a little faded, was actually usable and that surprised me since that was the only thing that refused to function the last time I accidently got a mobile phone wet.  It let me dial our home number and connected me promptly, but when Dr. Darling tried to call it from our landline, it wouldn’t connect.  So much for dodging that bullet.

So we moved on to the digital camera, which was the more valuable of the two gadgets by far. Here again, the initial results were excellent.  The camera powered up and let me set the time and the date.  It allowed me to view the contents of the memory card and I was able to show the Swede the first half of my ill-fated trip to Ven.  It even allowed me to take a picture of her.  We were beyond thrilled and even high-fived each other in celebration of our good fortune.

The joy was short-lived.  The camera would not allow me to turn it off, and when I took the battery out it locked up and would not power up again.  This was a surprisingly crushing blow. We were both prepared for it to be toast…so when it functioned normally for 10 minutes before dying, I think it was even MORE disappointing than if it hadn’t worked at all.

Fortunately I had done  a little research into replacing the phone (mostly because I was just sure that if I got myself excited about getting a new one, the old one would be just fine) so I was prepared to do a little shopping on Saturday.  Little did I know that the phone I selected (Sony Ericsson W300i) would be in such demand that none of the stores we visited had it in stock. I was prepared to wait at least a week for it when I happened to wander into an electronics kiosk at a local shopping center (it’s so small I didn’t even know it sold phones) and the kid behind the counter had one to sell. (Probably because nobody else realizes the place sells phones, either.)

I also bought a new bike lock so I no longer have to haul Ol’ Blue up to The Penthouse-Nordic every night. This time I got an expensive U-lock (which I hate…more about that later) made out of some kind of mysteriously super-stong metal composite forged by Thor.

But hey, Ol’ Blue is definitely worth it. 

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