Jul 19 2006

Stolen bike status still stands at 2!

Well, the £#!¤$%&! U-lock forged by Thor appears to be working.  So far I’ve found Ol’ Blue exactly where I left him in the morning…but then again, it’s only Wednesday.  I’ve also begun taking the extra precaution of parking the bike in a different location each day…which has resulted in a few seconds of panic at least twice already this week.

I just wish I didn’t find the U-lock to be a total pain-in-the-@$$ to use.  It’s very heavy and awkward to carry if you don’t have a special bracket installed on the bike to hold it.  My lock came with said bracket which will eventually be installed on the bike th insurance company is replacing, but it didn’t seem worth the effort to attach it to Ol’ Blue temporarily.  Maybe I should be re-thinking that.

The U-lock is fine for securing one of the wheels to the frame…but severely limiting for locking the frame to a stationary object (i.e. a bike rack). This means you have carry a cable as well…and this cable invariably comes in contact with the chain (my own or another bike’s) and the black grease ends up on my hands (or worse, on my clothes). So basically, I’m filthy before I even get on the train in the morning.

Finally, the U-lock consists of two separate pieces that must be locked with a key rather than just locking automatically when you close them together .  Further, the friggin’ thing has to be locked while in transport (in order to fit properly in the previously mentioned bracket), then unlocked to use, and then locked in the bike/cable/rack combo…which is a total time-suck when your commute to the station is meticulously timed to the minute.

In other news…I am TOTALLY DIGGING on my other pricey purchase from last Sunday.  Regular readers know what a gadget freak I am…and my new cell phone is keeping me entertained in ways I didn’t even know were possible thanks to the built-in RSS reader. It allows me to download the latest feeds from my favorite blogs and news sources and read them while I’m on the train!  I may never have to carry a book or magazine around with me again! 

The e-mail software on this phone supports IMAP, and that, combined with all the onboard memory (for the MP3 player that I will rarely, if ever, use), allows me to read and write from my regular account instead of having to use a separate one from my mobile service provider. And because it’s a clam-shell design, the keypad is actually large enough to use comfortably for e-mail and text messaging. Finally, the built-in digital radio (the main reason I bought this particular model) is fantastic.

I swear, this was almost worth going overboard for!


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