Jul 24 2006

Hands up all who slept like %#@&! last night…

Since moving to southern Sweden four years ago, I’ve taken to referring to a good portion of the summer months as my "sleepless season."  This is because the sun sets quite late in the evening and then has the audacity to rise at o’dark:30 the next morning, wreaking havoc on my body clock.

The three weeks from mid-June through the first week of July are generally the worst, because we’re getting something close to 20 hours of visible daylight in every 24 hour period.  I’ve come to accept that I will spend those three weeks walking around like a zombie, but by mid-July, I’m generally back to getting a semi-decent amount of sleep. (That, or I’ve just become conditioned to operatiing on less than six hours a night by then.)

But my sleepless season is lasting a little longer this summer…courtesy of the unusually warm temperatures we’ve been having lately.  And wouldn’t you know we picked Sweden’s hottest summer in recent history to move into a sixth-floor apartment directly under the roof of the building.  So I’m battling both light and heat in my campaign for a good night’s sleep…and losing BIGTIME.

At least I’m not suffering alone.  Dr. Darling was awake off-and-on all night, too. (We actually had a conversation about it around 2 a.m.)  And an informal poll of several friends seems to indicate that we could have rendezvous-ed for cool and relaxing glass of Bailey’s on the rocks around 3:00 if only we had known we were all up.

Perhaps a little pre-emptive alcohol is in order for tonight.  It certainly can’t hurt.

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