Jul 27 2006

The replacement bike is “in da howse”…literally.

I picked up my replacement bike from the shop yesterday afternoon.  (I’ve decided to refer to it as "replacement" rather than "new" because of the circumstances under which it was acquired. Getting a "new bike" is a fun and exciting…getting a "replacement bike" is kind of a pain-in-the-@$$.)

So this errand involved taking a bus across town, reminding me once again why I avoid the city bus system in the summer-time.  No air-conditioning…which I could live with if the windows could be opened. But depending on which model of bus happens to be running the route you’re taking on any given day, you can find yourself confined in what is essentially an airless, rolling oven with a bunch of hot and sweaty strangers who may or may not have remembered to put on an extra layer of deoderant that day.  (Some buses have a small set of windows near the ceiling that can be opened a bit…but they are few and far between.)

I grabbed a seat near the rear door so I would at least be assured of a few gulps of cooler air when the bus stopped for passengers, and then proceeded to sweat off about 4 lbs. during the 20 minute ride. Dr. Darling met me there on her bike so that we could pedal home together.  I’d like to be able to tell you about how the replacement machine handled and how nice it was to finally have the whole stolen bike drama behind me, but the only thing I was aware of the entire ride was how damn glad I was not to be on a city bus.

Both "Ol’ Blue" and the newly dubbed "Silver Streak" spent the night in the apartment because Dr. Darling needed to have the £#!¤$%&! U-lock forged by Thor on hand to properly attach its mounting bracket to the frame of the replacement bike.

But when it came time to leave for work this morning, I walked out the door without either bike because I didn’t want to fight with carrying the U-Lock on "Ol’ Blue", and I just didn’t have the nerve to leave the Streak at the station.  Let’s hope I get over that soon because the living room of The Penthouse Nordic is pretty crowded at the moment.

Replacement Bike

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