Aug 02 2006

The sky is falling…

I’m pretty sure ALL the rain that southern Sweden didn’t get in June and July is trying to come down at the same time, as in right now.

Seriously…it’s raining so hard at the moment that it’s setting off the motion detectors for the automatic doors in the entrance to my office building. I think the facilities manager is going to have to deactivate them so they don’t drive the staff in reception crazy, or run of the electric bill, or both.

Don’t get me wrong…I’m delighted that it’s finally raining.  We had thundershowers off and on all night and I could already see the difference in the landscape on my commute to work this morning…everything is starting to green-up and come back to life.  The forecast is calling for daily showers this rest of this week…but if the downpour continues at its present pace, I’m going to have to take a ferry home instead of a train!

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