Aug 03 2006

Chicks dig tech!

Dr. Darling and I readily acknowledge that we are often “outside the mainstream” on a lot issues pertaining to women.  In fact, we’re kind of proud of it.

But according to a recent survey by the Oxygen Network (which we couldn’t watch even if we wanted to), there’s at least one area where we’re right on target: tech toys.

In the following USA Today article about the study, the writer asks if a plasma TV is replacing diamonds as a girl’s best friend.  In our case, the answer is a resounding YES…except the TV would be LCD.

Study: Women like tech toys more than shoes

On a semi-related note…a friend of ours who does some research work for a large consumer organisation here in Sweden says that we got a *really good deal* on our new “best friend.”  Perhaps it’s time for me to stop poking fun at my Swede’s “critical purchase process”?  Let me think about it for a sec…



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