Aug 11 2006

Back to the Border?

In other news about sauces I love…this item comes from one of the Indianapolis news sites I monitor on my Yahoo page:

25,000 Stolen Sauce Packets Returned To Taco Bell

Several masked people this week entered a Taco Bell restaurant and left six 40-gallon trash bags filled with apparently stolen sauce packets, Marion police said.

25,000 Stolen Sauce Packets Returned To Taco Bell – Yahoo! News

Now I’ve been known to grab a few extra packets of sauce (Mild, Hot AND Fire) whenever I make a “run for the border”*,

Taco Bell

Taco Bell (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


but this is a ridiculous amount to walk away with…even over a three year period.

Of course, only in Indiana would the kids be stupid enough to actually take them back.

*Taco Bell’s slogan when I left the U.S. in 2002. It’s since been abandoned in favor of “Think outside the bun“, probably in response to the ongoing immigration debate.

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