Aug 15 2006

My latest lame game addiction…

If there’s one feature area where my new mobile phone is lacking, it’s the games menu.  (Okay, the camera is not that great either, but I *knew* that going in.) The phone came with an arcade game that seems to be a hybrid of Tetris and Bejeweled, a sliding puzzle (boring) and a demo of something called NeoPet, which I assume will allow me to create an annoying digital pet of some sort ( though I haven’t actually tried).

Now granted, gaming is very low on the totem pole when it comes to things I expect to be able to do on a mobile phone…but given the amount of time I spend on trains and standing in lines (this is Sweden, after all, where waiting for pretty much any kind of service is both a science and an art), having a couple decent games to play can really help pass the time.  So I went to Sony Ericsson’s website to see what other free games were available for the w300i (FREE being the operative word, here) and sadly, the selection was pretty poor.

The one exception was a deceptively addictive little download called Soccer Pong.  (You can see/play an online Flash version of it here.)  In this version of the classic and some say “original” computer game, one of the traditional “Pong” paddles is replaced by a soccer player that can move in a complete (and well-defined) circle around the playing area.  In place of the other paddle is a small soccer goal. At the start of play the ball can come from virtually any direction, and the object is to “kick” it into the goal (obviously).

The sounds simple enough, except at Level 2 the goal isn’t always in the same location . And once you’ve scored a couple of times and reached Level 3, the goal goes in motion around the same circle as the player…making a moving target for the soccer ball. There is also a clock that starts each time a new ball is put into play, so you have a limited amount of time to score before you lose the opportunity.

I’m assuming that both the ball and goal speed increase as you reach each successive level, and the amount of time you have to score gets probably gets shorter and shorter, too…though I haven’t scored enough goals yet to know for sure.  But you can be damned sure I’m going to find out!

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