Aug 18 2006

Lionel Richie renaissance?

Renaissance (Lionel Richie album)

Renaissance (Lionel Richie album) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When I created the title of this entry, I had no idea that Lionel Richie actually released an album titled “Renaissance” in 2000.  Probably because I never heard a single cut from it played anywhere … so it was something of a stealth renaissance if anything. Today he’s best known as the father of Nicole Richie, the smarter and funnier (and increasingly skeletal-looking) cast member in the Paris Hilton reality TV vehicle, The Simple Life.

Recently, a Copenhagen radio station I listen to occasionally seems to have rediscovered Lionel Richie’s classic 80’s anthem All Night Long, because I’ve heard it twice this week at approximately the same time of day

Now I’m not an especially big fan of 80’s music, but this song was HUGE during my last year of university when I was kicking ass and taking names as a Dean’s List scholar, co-Outstanding Student in my department, and about to embark on what everyone was sure would be a highly successful and lucrative career in broadcast advertising sales.

Okay, so the career part didn’t actually happen.

But All Night Long takes me right back to that time and place in my life when the brightness of my future was blinding, and I was young and naive enough to believe that virtually anything was possible if I just worked hard enough for it.

I’m a lot older and WAY less naive now, but I remember the feeling so well, and when the horn section explodes as Lionel sings “Come join our party, see how we play!”, I find myself…in just that moment…starting to believe it all over again.

What a gift.

Nicole Richie’s father RULES. I hope she eats something soon.

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