Aug 20 2006

Family Pride

The automatic ticket machines at the Central Station decided they didn’t like Dr. Darling’s rebate card as we were trying to buy fares to Copenhagen yesterday morning. This struck us as odd since at least one of them had no trouble taking money from her bank account to put on the card just a few seconds earlier.

So instead of being able to buy the train tickets from one of several machines with no lines in front of them, we had to go into the dreaded Skånetrafiken office where the queue was 12 people deep. (And I know this because of the ubiquitous and ever-annoying take-a-number system.) Fortunately, we had about 17 minutes until the next train for Copenhagen was leaving, and when it was finally our turn, the young man behind the counter replaced Dr. D’s non-functioning rebate card and sold us our tickets in one transaction.

Skånetrafiken cards

Skånetrafiken cards (Photo credit: kalleboo)

It was only after we were on our way to the platform that we realized he had issued us a family ticket, which offers considerable savings over two individual adult round-trip fares. (I was aware that there was such a thing as a “family ticket”, but it makes me kind of sad to admit that it never even occurred to me to buy one when Dr. Darling and I are travelling together.)

My thrifty Swede reacted with her typical delight over saving money (in this case 44 SEK), while I sat on the train semi-stunned over how wonderful it was to be recognized as a family without having to point it out first…and in my case at least, without even having to think about it.

But I’m still wondering how the guy in the Skånetrafiken office knew we were on our way to the Pride parade.

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