Aug 20 2006

Testing from Zoho Writer

Eagle-eyed readers of ShazzerSpeak know that I mirror most of the content to a LiveJournal account for the convenience of my blogging buddies who like to read me through their LJ Friends pages.  In addition to that, I also post most (but not all) entires to a password-protected online journal I keep for my family in the US and assorted real-life (verses online) friends around the world. This means that I do a LOT of copying and pasting and it can be rather tedious.

So recently I’ve been experimenting with a couple of web-based word processors to see if I can make my blogging life a little simpler…and this entry was written with and posted directly from Zoho Writer. Fingers crossed…

This appears to have worked beautifully except for the fact that the title of the document did not get imported as the title of the post…so I had to log in to blog-city to fix it. But even so, it’s still a HUGE improvement over my current work-flow. And the guys at Zoho are aware of this particular issue with blog-city…so I’m sure this bug will be squashed eventually. In the meantime, I can live with it…especially since it looked perfect on LiveJournal.

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