Aug 22 2006

Vacation irony…

Dr. Darling and I are on vacation this week…sort of. I’m taking a week off from my job, and she’s taking a week off from being jobless.  This probably sounds odd to some readers, but here in Sweden, folks receiving unemployment benefits are expected to report the days in which they are not actively looking for a job so they can be deducted from their bi-weekly payments, and some of them (including my Swede, evidently) actually do it.

So of course when the phone rang at 10 Monday morning, it just had to be a biology lab at Lund University in need of some technical help. This is par for the course, really. Her last job interview was the week before my brother’s visit in June, and had she gotten that temporary position (the Danish lab decided to hire a  Ph.D student instead), she would have had to go to work immediately.

Fortunately we’re spending this vacation close to home…primarily because of our monsterously expensive July and the fact that we need to buy plane tickets for a trip to the U.S. in November (Thanksgiving). Our agenda includes sleeping late, taking care of some long-put-off projects around The Penthouse – Nordic, and watching movies on our new flat-screen TV…so it’s no problem to fit a trip to Lund into the schedule…just a bit ironic.

And when I remarked on how odd it was that she seems to score a job interview whenever I’ve got time off from work, she responded (without missing a beat) that the prospect of having me around the house all day was enough to get potential employers to rush to her rescue.  Cheeky Monkey.

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