Aug 28 2006

Vacation salvaged…sort of

Well, I’m happy to report that my week of vacation was semi-salvaged on the weekend thanks to some friends who very kindly invited us to spend a couple of days with them at their "sommarstuga" near Höör.

A sommarstuga is a (usually) small cottage situated somewhere out in the country…and a surprisingly high number of urban-dwelling Swedes own one. These little houses can range from charmingly rustic to fully outfitted with all the latest mod-cons, but they all share one thing in common: peace and quiet. (Okay, so technically that’s two things.)

We are fortunate enough to have several friends who own stugas and are crazy enough to invite us along on occasion, and the first thing I always notice when visiting one of them is the silence…which is only occasionally broken by the sound of a bird singing.  And at night, when the sky is clear, the stars seem to go on forever.

Another thing you can always count on during a stay at a sommarstuga is tons of good food and plenty of adult beverages. The weekend menu included grilled corn-on-the-cob  and pork chops (on Saturday night) and blueberry pancakes (for breakfast on Sunday). We had a great time in spite of a bit of rain and my hinky right eye, which isn’t responding to the prescribed medication nearly as quickly as I’d like.

Special thanks to our pals Freddan and Martinique for sharing their little piece of Swedish paradise with us.

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