Aug 31 2006

Flime ties…AKA “How did it get to be Thursday already?”

Who would have guessed that there would be so much to catch up on after being *off work* (I refuse to call it vacation) for just a week?

My office seems to have woken up from its standard Swedish summertime slumber (how’s that for alliteration?) while I was away. Nearly all of my colleagues are back on the job, and based on the number of things they’re coming up with for me to do, they appear to have had a very good rest!

They’ve also had a fine time teasing me about the slightly tinted sports glasses I’ve been wearing most of the week to protect my still-irritated (but much improved) right-eye. Of course I didn’t help matters by telling the ladies in reception that I was doing my best Bono impression, and occasionally breaking into U2 songs. Pride (In the Name of Love) has been the most popular request.

I managed to dig myself out from under most of the stuff on my desk in time to chronicle a big visit from the CEO of our parent company on Tuesday…which naturally required lots more hustling and bustling. Unfortunately I twisted my left ankle while running to catch the train that morning, so I got to follow him around with a pronounced limp (in addition to my mean-looking right eye).

Yeah, I definitely made an impression.

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