Sep 03 2006

Confessions of an internet junkie…

As was exhaustively chronicled here last Spring, thanks to a screw-up on the part of our ISP, we went over three weeks without broadband after moving into The Penthouse-Nordic. It drove me crazy and I figured I could handle just about any kind of web withdrawal after that.

And then my usually rock-solidly reliable e-mail service (which is purposely independent of my ISP) had a server meltdown last Thursday that cut me off from my personal account until late this afternoon. This was a completely different kind of pain.

Just as I was surprised then to realize how integral the web is to my home life, I was equally stunned as to how paralyzing it was to not have access to my personal e-mail account for over three days. Letting my family know was easy enough. Hell, it’s a holiday weekend in the U.S. and they probably didn’t even notice I was out of the e-mail loop.

But then I started thinking about all the people I couldn’t easily notify about the problem…freelance clients, clubs I have leadership responsibilities in, organizations I volunteer for…and suddenly the service outage was more than just a little inconvenience. As the weekend wore on and the server stayed dead, I realized that I had to venture a another step closer to Total Geekdom and set up an e-mail address at my own domain that I could direct to any service I want.

Of course, I can already hear the razzing that family and friends are going to give me for adding yet another e-mail address to my collection, but this was the fastest, cheapest and easiest way to insure that I don’t drop off the face of the earth in the event of another major sever meltdown.

Could I be any more of a nerd?

(Don’t answer that.)

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