Sep 06 2006

“Learning about Sweden, and having some food.”

Okay, I’m misquoting Jeff Spicoli in the classic 80’s flick “Fast Times at Ridgemont High“, but it’s just too perfect to pass up.

Dr. Darling and have been watching a political debate…one of about, oh…I’d say FORTY that are going to be broadcast between now and the election on Sept. 17. And because I was pretty late getting home from the radio station in Lund this evening, we ended up eating dinner in front  of the TV.

But the really cool thing about it (besides creating the perfect conditions for co-opting one of my favorite movie quotes of all time), is that this debate was conducted in English especially for the benefit of immigrants and other non-native Swedish speakers like myself.  It was great to actually understand absolutely everything that was being said (for once). That should come in really handy when I vote!

Seriously though, I was very impressed that the candidates were willing to do this…on national television no less. Even more interestingly, they were all women. WE RULE!  (Sorry, I couldn’t resist.)


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