Sep 10 2006

The Brangelina Ultimatum

Unlike nearly every other woman I know (and a few men, as well), Brad Pitt has never really “done anything for me.” Granted, he’s an attractive guy (never more so than in “A River Runs Through It” IMHO) and a competent actor, but as a personality, I didn’t find anything particularly interesting about him until he became involved with Angelina Jolie. At first this was only because AJ has been doing something for me ever since I saw her in the HBO bio-pic “Gia“, long before most of the world knew who she was.

But then Brad Pitt turned into this international philanthropist and the father of a brood of multi-raced children who is embarrassed by his government’s treatment of Hurricane Katrina victims, and suddenly I find myself thinking that this guy is pretty cool in his own right and not just by virtue of his proximity to the world’s most fascinating creature.

Over the weekend he put the frosting on the cake of his transformation (in my eyes, anyway) with this:

Brad Pitt says he’ll talk marriage with Angelina when all people can marry

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