Sep 20 2006

Lorena Bobbitt must be proud

Evidently the world’s first penis transplant was a success…sort of.

According to this story, surgeons in China attached a donor penis to a man who had been severely maimed in an accident…and two weeks after the procedure it was functioning normally in terms of allowing him to urinate.

Medical science will never know, however, if the replacement organ would have eventually achieved any kind of normal sexual function, because the guy’s wife was "psychologically traumatized" by it.

So the surgeons removed it.

Now I’m not a man, but I know a lot of men personally and have a pretty good picture of how attached (no pun intended) they are to this particular part of their body. This poor guy lost his Johnson not once, but TWICE….the second time at the request of his wife.

Talk about adding insult to injury.

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