Sep 28 2006

Janice Dickinson needs a biology lesson…

Evidently 70’s modeling superstar Janice Dickinson recently sobered up long enough to realize what every other person on the planet has known for…oh I don’t know, the last couple YEARS.

Janice is claiming she’d like to have a love affair with Angelina Jolie, to which I say, "Get in line, Sweetie." But Janice has taken her Angelina fantasy a step further…supposedly saying that she’d like Angelina to "have her babies." 

Now I’m not a scientist, but I do live with one and I’m pretty sure that this is biologically impossible at this point in time. Then again, maybe Janice Dickinson knows more about the latest advancements in medical science than either Dr. Darling or myself…

Oh who am I kidding?!!

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